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A talented, multi-instrumentalist and singer, George Wilson's repertoire samples a wide variety of traditional and folk styles. As a fiddler, he has over 500 tunes for dancing and listening — tunes from New England, Quebec, Cape Breton, Scotland, Ireland and Shetland. His dynamic fiddling, strongly influenced by Cape Breton and French Canadian styles, has been popular with contra dancers and concert-goers since the late 1970s.

 Rousing, Fun-filled Entertainment

Along with fiddling, George explores some of the roots of contemporary folk music by "visiting" some personalities of the past. Accompanying himself on the 5-string banjo, he sings songs of Uncle Dave Macon (of early Grand Ole Opry fame). He brings this colorful character to life through songs, stories and close representation of Uncle Dave's energetic banjo styles and antics.

Another character George visits in concert is Huddie Ledbetter (Leadbelly), the source of some of America's best-loved folk songs. Leadbelly's gutsy, bluesy songs are accompanied by accurate re-creations of the guitar style of this African-American songster and "King of the 12-string guitar."

A concert may also include a song or two from popular World War I Scottish singer, Harry Lauder, an Adirondack song, an Irish harp tune on banjo, a few contemporary songs, and lots of fun, off-the-cuff commentary.

 George is Available...solo or with other musicians for:

  • Dances
  • Wedding ceremonies & receptions
  • Private parties
  • Fairs & other outdoor events as a strolling fiddler (or band)
  • Festivals (concerts & workshops)
  • Coffeehouses & Folk Clubs
  • Senior center & nursing home entertainment
  • House concerts
  • Music & dance camps (performing & teaching)
  • Library programs (roots of American music) & concerts
  • Working on fiddle music with school orchestras
  • Other things he hasn't done or thought of yet!


George is available for private lessons on fiddle and banjo at home in Wynantskill, New York. He usually has about a dozen students at any one time and is happy to have more! At festivals and special events George often offers his "Bowing 747" workshop - learning how to use the bow to play more expressively with good tone and a big sound. Group classes are also offered periodically.

 What people are saying . . .

"One of the favorite New England fiddlers playing today. Drawing with exquisite good taste from the traditional music of Cape Breton, Quebec, Scotland, England, Ireland and Shetland, George is in demand wherever the best dance music is desired. His wonderful respect for the strong, deep heart of the New England traditions are enhanced by his whopping sense of humor!" -Warren Argo, Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Port Townsend, WA

"I didn't know you could do that with a jig!" -Karen Iglitzin, violinist, fiddler and violin teacher, Washington State

" I couldn't do what you do in a million years!" - Ed Ormond, former assistant principal violist, Cleveland Orchestra

"The best Leadbelly player I ever heard anywhere!" - Michael Cooney, veteran folk singer

"Wilson never ceases to amaze musically on fiddle and 12-string guitar, and he seems particularly at home singing the songs—and playing the role—of early Grand Ole Opry star Dave Macon, who combined sympathy for the lot of the common man with an overriding belief in laughter." - Mark Frost, The Chronicle, Glens Falls, NY

 . . . Here’s George Wilson

George has performed and recorded with the popular “Fennig's All-Star String Band”, featuring Bill Spence on hammered dulcimer, since 1975. He has performed and recorded with the “Whippersnappers” (Wilson, Peter Davis and Frank Orsini) since 1976. He plays at contradances, festivals and dance camps on both coasts and in between with Selma Kaplan, Groovemama, the Beaudoin Legacy, Bruce and Sue Rosen and more. Additionally he performs with the trio Peter, Paul & George (with Peter Davis and Paul Rosenberg), presenting hundreds of dance and music programs in “Homespun Community Dancing” in elementary, middle school and high schools.


George Wilson has three recordings featuring his fiddling — North Melodies from 1995— The Royal Circus: A Menagerie of Northern Fiddle Tunes from 2000— and his latest (2009), A Collection of Northern Tunes. All are upbeat collections of traditional, contemporary and original fiddle instrumentals featuring himself and most of the players listed above.

A Collection of Northern Tunes
from New England, Canada, Scotland, Shetland and Ireland

George's brand new CD!
may be ordered from Andy's Front Hall

with Selma Kaplan, Becky Ashenden, Bruce Rosen
and Fennig's All-Star String Band (George with Bill Spence and Toby Stover)

northern melodies Northern Melodies
from New England, Quebec, Cape Breton, Scotland, Ireland & Shetland
may be ordered from
Andy's Front Hall
The Royal Circus:
A Menagerie of Northern
Fiddle Tunes

may be ordered from
Andy's Front Hall
C A L E N D A R  


Sat., April 28—Tompkins Corner Cultural Center, Putnam Valley, NY with Moonshine Holler

Tue., May 1—Shaker Meeting House, Albany with the Megaband
Sat., May 5—Old Songs Community “Barn” Dance with Fennig’s All Stars
Fri., May 18—Greenwich, NY dance at St Joseph Parish Hall, 7 pm
Sat., May 26—Battenkill Fest, Greenwich, NY, 12 noon
Sat., May 26—Mettabee Farm, Hillsdale, NY dance with the Megaband

Fri., June 1—Hudson River Music Hall, Hudson Falls, NY with Larry Hanks & Deborah Robins
Sat., June 2—Lupine Fest, Albany Pinebush Preserve with the Whippersnappers, 10 am
Fri.–Sun., June 22–24—Old Songs Folk Festival

Wed., July 4—Nassau, NY with the Megaband


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George Wilson
10 Loomis Road Wynantskill, NY 12198